Friday, December 16, 2011

Russia joins WTO and aligns on Syria at same time - call me cynical but...

Russia has apparently been negotiating for 18 years to join the WTO, which brings with it certain privileges. USA and NATO (major groups of countries behinf WTO) have wanted to deal with Syria, Iran and some others (even Pakistan) more directly, but have been hampered by lack of agreement with Russia and China.

Now Russia joins WTO and in the same breathm aligns with USA with a stronger statement regarding Syria. What comes to mind as I type regarding this?
  1. What does China think about this, as they have a military pact with Russia
  2. What will come next; Iran?
  3. How will China respond if Russia aligns more with USA/NATO?
  4. What will happen with Pakistan, which the CIA has long had on a hit list for regime change / breaking up into smaller states. How will China respond if Russia accepts this?
We live in interesting times.