Sunday, January 24, 2016

Contrived State of Economic Emergency & Oil Prices Set to Plunge

If you hold the reigns of global financial infrastructure, the largest global banks and a lot of retail banks; there's a lot you can do. When you add in controlling interests in many of the world's oil producers, you have quite a lot of control over supply and pricing.

France has declared a state of economic emergency. Experts in Scotland are saying "sell everything!'. The New York Stock Exchange is having a heart attack. Who knows what will happen from one day to the next? Probably only those that engineer it. I well remember talking to a currency trader, who said he and his colleagues could see an 'invisible hand' controlling the markets. They could read the signs to a certain point, and make profits, but if they knew exactly when the market would hit a high or low, they could vastly increase their fortunes. The people in the shadows who steer the markets use the ups and downs to harvest money and power from those with less market insight.

So here's a recent video talking about 'ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: France Declares State of Economic Emergency Oil Prices Set to Plunge'.