Friday, January 29, 2016

USA wants Syrian talks at Geneva as war effort fails

Talks between Syrian factions at Geneva pushed by USA (30 Jan 2016)

Al Jazeera has reported on TV today that there will be talks (again) at Geneva between the Syrian Government and the ‘opposition’. The phrase ‘transition of government’ was mentioned.

Why, after putting in so much effort in a war in Syria, would the USA now want talks? It seems the USA had decided to engage in a war in Syria to help sort things out. So what’s really happening here?

FACT 1: There has been swathes of information coming to light that USA trained, and is supplying arms to IS. The USA may seem to be intent on killing off IS so ‘free elections’ can take place in Syria with the intent of replacing the current, problematic (for the USA) government, but killing a monster of its own making is unlikely.

FACT 2: IS has been selling oil from captured facilities via Turkey, where the President has been making a tidy dollar on sales (sort of like the oil invested politicians in the USA), so USA has an interest in having IS succeed.

FACT 3: The entry of Russia into the war has proved very embarrassing to the USA, because Russia has achieved in a week what the USA could not achieve in a year. That’s because Russia is genuinely intent on working with the elected Syrian government to bring IS to its knees and restore the rule of legitimate government.

FACT 4: The USA makes much noise about how bad the Syrian government is, and that it’s their humanitarian duty to effect ‘regime change’. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the large number of wars the USA has waged around the world, always in countries of geo-political or resource rich significance, you’ll probably be a bit sceptical about the ‘humanitarian duty’ spin by now. The USA acts in its own interest, which is actually the interest of the groups that really manage the government, being ultra-rich Jews and corporations.

FACT 5: We may not like the government, but it was elected, and the best chance Syria has of lasting peace is for they themselves to handle elections and install new government representative of the people.

FACT 6: Russia being on the ground in Syria has indelibly changed the game. I believe Russia has now set up a missile defence system which means it can control the air space tightly if needed. I. E.  The USA is no longer the big player in Syria; Russia is .

FACT 7: Russia is getting more popular in the region. Other governments are looking at Russia favourably because they play more straightly than the USA. The USA has largely soiled itself as far as it's presence in the Middle East in concerned, and well known plans of the USA for regime change in a number of Middle Eastern countries have run amuck. Iraq is looking to Russia to help stabilise the nation, and is increasingly agitated with ‘help’ from the USA.

What’s an empire to do when a lesser empire enters the game an gains strategic advantage in a contested territory? I know, let's resort to DIPLOMACY! That’s exactly what we are seeing now. The USA can’t win the war the way it wants in Syria, looking like it has defeated IS and ousting the elected government so it can manipulate the future. The media machine that runs the USA is always ready to help with a new country so it can install itself and associated corporations there. Wars are waged on several levels: diplomatically, perceived warfare (like USA supposedly targeting IS), actual warfare (like Russia hitting IS), broadcast media and Internet, economically, with bribes and promises of wealth and power, and the list goes on. The USA has all of these in its arsenal, and having lost the ‘perceived war’, is now trying ‘diplomacy’.

Will the talks in Geneva achieve anything? I’m really not sure. It seems the Syrian Government is well aware of the USA’s devices, and doesn’t want any part of them; but it will probably have to consider the UN as part of its future. Maybe any involvement of the UN will be enough to pressure Assad to the negotiating table. Meanwhile Syria will continue to stabilise thanks to the Russians help.

I think a good part of the significance of these talks will be affected by the state of Syria when the parties actually make it to the table. If Syria continues to stabilise and the USA loses more of a foothold, then it may be that the existing government will regain full control with Russia as a resident helper. If not, then maybe the USA (which really represents the NWO / globalists in this case) will have a chance to manipulate Syria into a corner and gain what they want.

3pm Update: « It seems the Messiah people have been left out of the USA's last of parties for discussion of these matters, and is probable there will be no genuine process until they are invited a they effectively rule a band of northern Syria. »

Finally, this is all about Geo-Politics and resoucres. The globalists with USA and NATO behind them really want this region under their control. They have planned for regime change in the area for many years, and are quite determined to make it happen despite the hiccups. The big question remains: what will they try next if the situation in Syria stabilises, with Syria resisting the globalists and getting closer to Russia. My first guess is economic warfare. Sanctions / trade embargos. That’s been a big one for them. They’ve used it on Iran, Russian Cuba and a swathe of other countries.

We’re living in momentous times, and bible prophecy from thousands of years ago is coming alive before our eyes. I’m not going to speculate right now on this, but I’ll certainly be referencing the prophecies concerned if it gets any more obvious! Meanwhile, when you hear of wars and rumours of wars (like the USA fighting IS!!!), do what the bible says: “look up, for your redemption draws nigh”; which means the second coming of Jesus Christ is coming near, and we will see him as he arrives in the sky to sort out this mess.