Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Burke won’t say how many Aussies will be eliminated

When Sustainable Population Minister Tony Burke released his government’s Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia on 13th May, it disappointed Dick Smith, who told ABC radio, “If you want to have a sustainable Australia, I think Tim Flannery is correct—it’s about nine million people.”

Smith was unhappy that the Strategy didn’t come right out and set a population target, not a target for population growth, but a target for population reduction.
Unlike Smith, Burke is a politician, who knows it would be too controversial to declare a population reduction target—even though his government is allied with Smith in that intention. 

The fixation on population control in Australia exemplified by Dick Smith is entirely orchestrated by the British Crown and its Australian assets in the green movement:
  • In 1961, Prince Philip, eugenicist Julian Huxley and Nazi Prince Bernhard founded the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to “cull” the world’s population, as Prince Philip puts it.
  • In 1963, Philip ordered the establishment of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), which he personally oversaw.
  • In 1988, the ACF spun off Sustainable Population Australia (SPA), which promotes itself as the only environmental organisation in Australia openly campaigning for “population reduction”, and advocates a Chinese-style one child policy, and a racist immigration program that excludes immigrants from developing nations.
  • In 1994, Tim Flannery, who is now a patron of SPA and a Trustee of Prince Philip’s WWF, declared Australia’s population carrying capacity to be 6-12 million; that same year, Barry Jones’ parliamentary inquiry recommended the creation of a Population Ministry, and that population be managed in accordance with the WWF’s principles of “ecologically sustainable development”, under which Australia should contemplate as a “realistic option”, a scenario of population reduction to as few as five million people.
  • In 2002, the WWF reacted to the CEC’s landmark Special Report entitled “The Infrastructure Road to Recovery” which laid out a vision of 50 million people by 2050, by setting up the Wentworth Group of so-called Concerned Scientists under Tim Flannery, which immediately set out to smash Australia’s food bowl, the Murray-Darling Basin.
  • In 2009, Dick Smith, a member of Prince Philip’s 1001 Club of benefactors of the WWF, paid to distribute Overloading Australia by SPA founder Mark O’Connor, and William Lines, to every politician in Australia; the Fabian Society’s Kelvin Thomson, backed by Smith, acted on the mass depopulation fantasies of the Fabian Society’s 19th Century British founders such as H.G. Wells by spearheading a campaign to tie the cooked up climate change scare in with population growth, declaring that we can’t reduce our carbon footprint without reducing the number of footprints.
  • In 2010, Dick Smith took credit in his Population Puzzle documentary aired on the ABC for Kevin Rudd’s announcement of a Minister for Population; when the Fabian Society’s Julia Gillard took over from Rudd her first act was to tip her hat to the racist baby-haters at Sustainable Population Australia by renaming it the Ministry for Sustainable Population, and handing it to Environment Minister Tony Burke, himself a radical greenie from the Wilderness Society, and already at work on the shutdown of the Murray-Darling Basin food bowl. Burke set up the Sustainable Population Strategy inquiry, and appointed the “Malthus of Maroubra”, former NSW Premier Bob Carr, the noted Fabian, as its co-chair.
  • In 2011, Gillard appointed Tim Flannery to chair her Climate Commission, to sell her carbon tax/ETS, which by design will suppress energy production and consumption, and kill off countless Australians in heat waves, cold snaps, and epidemics of respiratory disease and diseases of poverty, and will achieve Flannery’s 6-12 million target.
Despite Dick Smith and Kelvin Thomson expressing their unhappiness that the Sustainable Population Strategy didn’t state a depopulation target, fellow depopulator and Strategy co-chair Bob Carr heaped praise on it for abandoning the idea of a “Big Australia”.

For his part, Dick Smith gave the game away, by admitting the connection—long charged by the CEC—between the British Crown policy of population control, and the British Crown’s other imperial policy of global free trade, under which Australia’s economy has been smashed, reduced from being an industrial powerhouse to a colonial-style raw materials quarry: “We make our money from agriculture and digging bits and pieces out of the ground”, he told the ABC. “You don’t actually need too many people to do that.” 

Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood today challenged Smith: “If you want the government to reduce Australia’s population to nine million, are you volunteering to be part of the 14 million who will be eliminated? Keep spouting off Dick—you’re confirming everything the CEC says.”

Click here to watch the latest CEC Weekly Report featuring Craig Isherwood and Robert Barwick discussing the Queen’s personal role in pushing depopulation.

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
Media Release  18th of May 2011