Saturday, May 21, 2011

North American Union / NAFTA Emerging Reality: Wikileaks Cable Confirms North American Union In The Works

A very disturbing cable was released last month by Wikileaks that highlights some of the inside communications between our governments on the issue of consolidating North America into one common trade union complete with a “common security perimeter” around the whole of the continent (NAU/NAI). Once again 9/11, the financial crisis and our calculated economic downturn seem to be the catalyzing events they are using to justify the incremental steps being taken toward a full-out merger of the three sovereign nations and its being done under the guise of greater “Security and Prosperity”.
This most recent cable demonstrates the American efforts to market the plan to the population by maintaining the focus on only the perceived and estimated benefits of the merger and selling those potential benefits to mostly individual firms, industries, travelers and especially to north american consumers. The author of the cable Paul Cellucci, goes as far as to warn insides on how to proceed with the NAU marketing spin while maintaining a low profile to the general population and even to the lieks of Congress and the Parliament of Canada.
“There is little basis on which to estimate the size of the “upside” gains from an integration initiative concentrating on non-tariff barriers of the kind contained in NAI. For this reason, we cannot make claims about how large the benefits might be on a national or continental scale. When advocating NAI, it would be better to highlight specific gains to individual firms, industries or travelers, and especially consumers.” -Cellucci
If you are an avid reader of this website this agenda and the way its being implemented will not be anything new for you. The document does give some credit and confirmation to those that spoke out on these semi-secret “arrangements” and those who tried to warn Americans and Canadians about the ramifications of such a merger back in the SPP days and that their concerns were justified. In fact, what Paul Cellucci and people like Senator Segal are advocating here is really just a restrategized and highly polished version of an old CFR/CCCE agenda. This rehashed idea was already presented to the leaders of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) back in 2005. It goes along with the common security perimeter/new border vision” deal which is being implemented right this very moment. What we are witnessing today is the full implementation of what can be found in a documented entitled “Building A North American Community” which is supported and backed by the largest corporations in Canada, the United States and Mexico.
By: 0NAU