Saturday, May 21, 2011

U.S. Predator Drones Patrol Canadian Border

Our Canadian And American “friendly border” is not feeling so friendly these days! Following suit with the recently announced common security perimeter deal between Canada and the United States, American officials show off their new world order toys that are currently patrolling what once was touted as, “the world’s longest undefended border”- we can call it that no longer.
U.S. Senator, Joseph LIEberman states to media that the terrorist threat is actually far greater at the Northern border then it is at its Southern border. I’m not sure where LIEberman gets his information from, but last time we checked, Canadians were not slaughtering Americans, killing border officials or taking over American land. Last time we checked, the so called 9/11 terrorists were trained and fostered in America not in Canada. As a matter of fact, with a war mongering southern neighbour setting off shirt storms all over the globe, perhaps it should be Canada that is paranoid!
This excuse that the Northern border with Canada is a greater potential threat then its southern border implies that Mexican authorities are better capable of keep out “the undesirables” from entering their country then Canada is? Are we to assume then that the Canadian government should look at Mexican immigration polices and border security techniques as a model for Canada? Would this relax the fears of the American government about Canada so they may go back to focusing on other things? This is ludicrous!
What this is really about is the creation of a common security perimeter around the continent of North America, controlled mainly by the United States. It’s about getting this infrastructure in place and up and fully operational. It is with these types of technologies they will accomplish the globalists goal to “thin the physical borders”.
This is also about the deeper military integration between Canada and the United States! A good case study to look at is a program they created called “ShipRider“. This program announced to be official back in 2009 by Peter Van Loan, Minister of Public Safety for Canada and U.S. Homeland Security which paved the way for American Officials to police well inside the Canadian border and vice versa. It also paved the way for the inland port system or “NAFTA Superhighway” project which is currently underway. One major hurdle they had to overcome was the ability for American officials to make arrests deep inside Canada, a requirement if you are to have a pre-clearance inland port system, the policing and security of an inland port would be similar to what we see at airports. Being without precedence for this type of arrangement (inland ports), incremental steps have had to be taken on their behalf to bury it all under the banner of “Homeland Security”, “The War On Drugs and “fighting terrorism”.
The Predator Drones have been in use for a couple of years now but with one major difference, traditionally the U.S. controlled drones have been restricted from entering within 16km’s of the Canadian border, this has now changed and they are able to patrol right up to the line!
Back in July 2009, Canadians protested in Sarnia Ontario, in opposition to a 50-foot surveillance balloon launched that was patrolling close to their borders with many protesters stating how the intrusion shows a lack of respect for Canadian sovereignty which is what this is really all about; our national sovereignty.
Special Thanks To:,, CBC News