Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goodness Me, Poor Africa: Commerical, Military and Religious Colonisation!

Reading more on what is happening in Africa, with a particular eye on Northern Africa and its proximity to the Middle East and Europe, and my interest in Ethiopia (where I did some short term missionary work recently), I am again horrified to see the USA forging into Africa.

It is well for me to re-post and comment on articles, but now and then I like to tie a few lose ends together.

If USA wants to to effectively recolonise Africa, how can they do it? My view is:
  1. Commercially
  2. Militarily
  3. Religiously (now don't get up in arms, hear me out :-) )
1. Commercial Colonisation

We all know the good old USA has spawned many of the world's leading companies, and these operate all over the globe. Resource companies, in particular, have an interest in Africa. Why? Africa is cash poor, but resource rich. It's governments largely either lack maturity and the controls necessary to protect the peoples' national resources, or are just plain complicit in corruption as regards stripping of resources. USA would just love to secure Africa as its own backyard for mining, just as China has seemingly done with Australia (albeit differently)!

2. Military Colonisation

We have seen the USA 'influence' (yes, tip over, assassinate, divide up sovereign countries) South America time and time again. If you don't believe me, just order SuperPower from Global Research. We have evidence of the USA being involved in several African countries, including (and perhaps most notably) Ethiopia; and recent times have seen their heartfelt 'humanitarian intervention' in other Northern African nations like Libya (who have had USD$8B of deposits frozen in EU and USA banks, I imagine never again to be seen). Now we see an outright offensive to block the interests of China and the 'imminent threat' of 'militant Islam' by AFRICOM (see article).

3. Religious Colonisation

If you are not a practicing Christian, this will not offend you. It may even give you some ammo! if you are one, calm down and wait a minute. Just remember that the first century Ekklesia (early church) was largely organic, and certainly divorced from the (mostly Roman) states. It was the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches that appeared as formal entities, with the latter being politicised by Constantine as it was formed. Much of the dress actually comes from Roman government!) So if Rome took over the church because feeding it to the lions was not working, why should another empire not try the same thing?

Skip forward a bit to present day, and we have three major groupings in the USA within 'Christianity'. These are Roman Catholic, Protestant (protesting against Rome's political annexation of the church; and many gave their lives for it too), and the newer Pentecostal (or perhaps Charismatic churches/influences).

Of recent note in world religion is Tony Blair and Rick Warren working together to bring religions together - into a one world religion? It seems so; see http://www.paulmcguire.org/?p=881. Certainly the new agers venerate Warren (see http://www.numii.net/word_press/gurus). Warren said he wanted one African nation to be the first Purpose Driven Nation, and has been relating at governmental levels to achieve this. So once again we have someone from The Empire working in a developing country to gain a position of power.


When all there of these influences are put together, there is a powerful hold on a developing country. All three target government and leadership to bring the targeted country to a position of servitude which enables the agenda of The Empire to be followed, keeping other players locked out.