Thursday, June 23, 2011

The link between GREEN and EUGENICS (population control)

Hi Al, how you doing? I know your BIG house was lit up like a Christmas tree when you were pushing the "Inconvenient Truth" stuff. Now you are getting on the Population Control bandwagon. WHY does this not surprise me???

The GREEN MOVEMENT is irrevocably linked to EUGENICS. Take a look at the following articles.


Take a look at the following links:

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Steve B

City of London, Big Business Behind "Carbon Trading" Scam

If you like the soaring price of petrol, then you’ll simply love the new cap-and-trade carbon emissions plan John Howard and the ALP are setting up. You better, because you are going to pay through the nose for it. The same international institutions which have blown out the price of petroleum, are orchestrating this "carbon trading" scam.
A typical case is that of Dr. Richard Sandor. He is a director of both the London-based Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE), which owns the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE), the self-described world’s "largest energy futures and options exchange", and of the London International Financial Futures Exchange (the largest trading market in the world in derivatives, i.e. super- speculative gambling bets). He has also recently founded the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), purely to speculate in carbon swaps, in conjunction with the two London exchanges. Recent investigations by the U.S. Senate have found that futures speculation on the ICE/ IPE add $25 to the price of every barrel of oil—an extremely conservative estimate, given that it costs Saudi Arabia, for instance, only $5 per barrel to produce, and the bulk of the "profits" go not to OPEC, but to speculators. Sandor recently crowed, "Air and water are no longer the free goods that economics once assumed. They must be redefined as property rights so that they can be efficiently allocated", i.e. speculated upon.
Acting through instruments such as the Kyoto Protocol, the CCX and its London parents (and their Australian offshoots) allocate a nation the right to emit a specified amount of CO2 per year. Permits are then issued to that nation’s businesses and farms, much like the disastrous "water allowances" in Australia today. If you go over your allotment, then you have to buy additional allowances. But the key is that each year the volume of allocated emissions is reduced from the year Before. This is what Rudd and other lunatics are talking about when they talk about "reducing CO2 emissions by 60%" or more by 2050. These reduced allocations will rapidly drive up the costs of virtually everything, and an estimated 50-75% of those costs will be passed on to the consumer— you. Indeed, soaking you for the additional costs is the entire point. As the U.S. National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP), a main coordinator for carbon-based trading, recently declared, "Cost passthrough is important to the efficacy of the policy as a whole", and warned against "shielding consumers from the price signals [increases] needed to stimulate desired behavioral responses through the economy". They, and similar bodies, intend to force consumers to abandon electricity and products generated from carbon- based fuel supplies, in favour of power and products generated from the wildly-inefficient renewable sources such as wind and solar power, which only become practicable with drastic price increases for energy.
Were less CO2 emissions the real objective, then governments, banks and big business would obviously begin a crash mobilisation to produce a whole range of new technologies, including hundreds of nuclear power plants of the new, meltdown-proof designs; super-efficient magnetohydrodynamic plants for energy production from coal; magnetic levitation (mag-lev) forms of mass transit to replace the mass petrol-burning traffic jams characteristic of every major city; and hydrogenburning automobiles. But this would rob the cap-and-traitors of a speculative swindle projected to run into hundreds of billions of dollars. Just look at the London-based European Climate Exchange (ECX), which runs the trading in emissions allowances specified in the mandatory Kyoto Protocol which went into effect on January 1, 2005 for all 27 European Union countries. The ECX website itself avers that "Approximately 95% of the total volume in the European carbon market are seen in derivatives trades." Until the early 1990s, derivatives contracts were outlawed in the U.S., Australia and most other nations, because they were rightly understood to be mere gambling bets.

The Culprits

Have you noticed that the radical greenies have suddenly gotten oh-so-chummy with their supposed enemies in Big Business? For instance, in January 2007, the U.S. Climate Action Partnership issued a press release calling for a "mandatory economy-wide, market-driven approach to climate protection." Members of USCAP include such corporate giants as Lehman Brothers, Duke Energy, DuPont, BP America, Alcoa, and General Electric, along with environmentalist groups like the World Resources Institute (WRI), Environment Defense (ED) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The seeming paradox evaporates when you look a bit closer at the WRI, the ED, the NRDC, the WWF and the like: they are all funded by banks, hedge funds, major corporations and blue-blood outfits like the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. When the master whistles, the dog comes running.
Then look at the Australian equivalent of USCAP, the Australian Business Roundtable on Climate Change, where corporate titans such as BP Australia, Insurance Australia Group, Origin Energy, Swiss Re, Visy, and Westpac, sit cheek-by-jowl with the hysterically anti-nuclear Ian Lowe and Don Henry, President and Executive Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), respectively. Perhaps that is not so surprising when one looks at the history of the ACF: It was founded by Francis Ratcliffe and Prince Philip, and an early Chairman of its Benefactors and National Sponsors Committee was Sir Maurice Mawby, chairman of Rio Tinto (then called Conzinc Riotinto of Australia, CRA), while CRA itself was an ACF Benefactor Member. Ratcliffe was a protégé of Sir Julian Huxley, a lifelong official of Britain’s Eugenics Society who had himself co-founded Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund only three years earlier in pursuit of his eugenic aims, i.e. mass population reduction. Or, as Prince Philip put it, "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation." This is not an offhand quote by the Prince—he has repeatedly expressed the same wish.

Speculation Unlimited, Inc.

How much money do these cap-and-traitors wield, which can be deployed to jack up the price of carbon swaps? On March 19, the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), including British Petroleum, Allianz Insurance (the world’s largest insurance company), DuPont, etc., held an event in Washington, D.C., where they demanded immediate "mandatory reductions in greenhouse gases". Chaired by Norman Dean, Director of Friends of the Earth, the INCR said it represented a $4 trillion pool of funds demanding green ventures. Following the lead of the INCR, the Investor Group on Climate Change in Australia, which includes such heavyweights as AMP Capital, BT Financial Group, Colonial First State and Goldman Sachs JBWere, called for carbon trading to be introduced quickly to "remove uncertainty", bragging that it represented $225 billion in funds under management.
Al Gore has his snout in the trough, too. He is a principal in the London-based hedge fund, Generation Investment Management (GIM), set up solely to broker and speculate in carbon swaps. Set up by David Blood, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, the firm is otherwise known as "Blood and Gore". That, unfortunately, is no joke.

Sea Levels Are Rising? Baloney!

Sea levels are not at all in a generally rising mode over the globe, Swedish expert Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner, probably the world’s leading expert on sea levels, told Executive Intelligence Review in an exclusive interview on June 6, which was picked up by Fox News’ Brit Hume on June 25. It is certainly not rising in the Maldives, Tuvalu, or Vanuatu—all notorious sites where computer models predict flooding, Dr. Mörner said. Even the satellite altimetry shows no sea level rise. Mörner said that most scientists know these facts and are silent about it for fear of losing funding. Mörner is head of the Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics program at Stockholm University, and served as an Expert Reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2001 and 2007. He has made firsthand investigations of most of the sites in question. True field observations must have a higher credibility than computer models and wishes, he said. Dr. Mörner said that of the 22 authors of the sea level chapter in the latest IPCC report, not one of them was a sea level expert. The three leading authors of the chapter were from Austria, a landlocked nation without a coastline! Mörner charged that, as shown by the chapters of the report that deal with malaria and sea level, the IPCC appoints people whom they know will write only what they are told to write, and what fits the pre-set agenda. The full interview is at