Thursday, June 23, 2011

You just have to ask "WHY" when a scare campaign erupts!

What a blow-up we had recently over live export of cattle. What damage it will do to our farmers, costing $100,000 a day in feed whilst cattle are in holding! Who will buy out broke farmers? THE INTERNATIONALS OF COURSE!!! And we know there are food shortages world wide (if you keep your ear to the ground :), so is that something to do with why this suddenly erupted?

THINK.Read CECs report and weep for our nation.

Steve B

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
Media Release 10th of June 2011

Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary
PO Box 376‚ COBURG‚ VIC 3058
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Isherwood: Gillard/Greens aren’t saving cows, they are pushing genocide

“Who will save the farmers?” Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood demanded to know, following the Gillard government’s suspension of live cattle exports to Indonesia for up to six months.

“This whole issue is Green/media bulldust,” he declared. “The government’s decision doesn’t suddenly ensure animal welfare. It doesn’t suddenly change the practices of small-time abattoir operations in Indonesia.

“What it does do is bludgeon thousands of food producers in the cattle industry, and deny literally millions of people in Indonesia an important source of protein, which is precisely their intention,” he charged.

Mr Isherwood charged that the British Crown has ordered the Gillard-Greens coalition government to “cull” the population of Australia, and of the world given Australia’s crucial importance in world food production.

“In every policy Gillard is pushing—small population, shutting down the Murray-Darling Basin food bowl, the carbon tax, and now this—she is dutifully carrying out the genocidal depopulation directives of the Queen and her consort Prince Philip’s World Wide Fund for Nature.

“As a proud member of the Fabian Society, all of whose 19th Century British founders such as the Webbs, H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, and Bertrand Russell preached depopulation (and whose chief financier was Sir Ernest Cassel, the closest personal friend of the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII), Gillard is committed to genocide as well; not surprisingly, it was her fellow Fabian and depopulation fanatic Kelvin Thomson who led the supposed backbench revolt in the Federal ALP caucus to force the blanket ban on live exports to Indonesia.”

The CEC National Secretary pointed out the suspension would have devastating consequences.

“As Four Corners admitted, Indonesians don’t have enough refrigeration, so they rely on the live export trade to allow them to buy their beef fresh. By denying them the trade, the Indonesian people are being denied precious protein which enables them to live longer and stronger. The impact of this will be exactly what Prince Philip’s darling, the eugenicist and pioneering greenie Macfarlane Burnet sought to achieve in the 1940s, when he advocated poisoning waterways and crops in Asian nations with biological agents to cull their populations.

“Bob Katter was more right than perhaps he realised when he said, ‘We have to assume [the Greens’] solution is to starve a lot of people to death’.

“And as for the Australian producers, this is a body-blow. A six-month suspension puts them at the mercy of the banks—who have none—and it gives the banks an excuse to foreclose on family farming operations, just as they were tipped off to do in the Murray-Darling Basin. The decision-makers in Canberra undoubtedly know this.”

Mr Isherwood said this decision was the latest attack in a long-term campaign by successive governments to drive family farmers off the land, which have included:

* The staged destruction of the Australian Wheat Board single desk on behalf of the multinational grain cartel companies such as Cargill (other commodities’ single desks, e.g. sugar, were also destroyed);
* Macquarie Bank’s design and enforcement of National Competition Policy, to smash whole industries, including the dairy industry, and strip farmers of any protection from the predatory pricing of the Coles-Woolworths duopoly;
* The Coles/Woolies/ACCC price war against farmers, directed by the British gang running Coles;
* Bans on standard agricultural land clearing practices, to stop farmers from growing food and feeding livestock;
* The deliberate buy-up of prime agricultural land to turn into green reserves and national parks, which, along with economic attrition, has reduced the total land used for food production in Australia by more than 100 million hectares in just a few decades;
* Legislation such as Queensland’s Wild Rivers laws to squash any development of the top end into a new food bowl;
* Exposing prime agricultural land to ruin by multinational mining and gas companies;
* Tax breaks for managed investment scams to buy up farmland for tree plantations;
* Forcing food producers to transport their goods on more expensive road transport, by shutting down railways or prioritising existing rail for mining;
* The deliberate disregard for rebuilding roads and bridges in rural areas damaged or destroyed by the recent floods;
* The Water Act 2007, and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s plan, to shut down the national food bowl by stripping irrigators of their water entitlements, and encouraging the banks to mass-foreclose on the farmers and their communities.
* The carbon tax/ETS, which will force thousands of farmers to convert their land from food production to carbon storage, i.e. tree plantations.

Mr Isherwood continued, “The Queen’s husband’s WWF is targeting the beef industry in their plot to establish a global ‘Sustainable Beef Industry’ a euphemism for slashing beef production to help slash the world’s population.

“Therefore, it wouldn’t matter if the cattle in Indonesia were being fed alfalfa and played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as they were dispatched; the Royal green mafia, which includes the people-hating animal liberationists, and their accomplices in the government, are determined to destroy it.

“There are many reasons why it is better to process meat in our own abattoirs than export live animals, but the way this decision was taken was calculated to destroy not just live exports, but the meat industry in general.”

He concluded, “The fight to save the industry is a fight for the welfare of humanity, including the millions in other countries who depend upon our food. If you want to win that fight, join the CEC.”